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Historia artysty
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Franciszek Suknarowski -
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Franciszek Suknarowski

I believe in the servile role of art – I think that it is the obligation of an artist to give the proof of an epoch not only in form, but to show the surrounding in which we were living at the time, the beauty of our region, the beauty which is fading away. (…) The second factor which has a strong influence is tradition – the environment, surrounding, people associated with Beskid, art, poetry – the aura of the first formation which makes the artist such as he is in the end (…) I do not negate the formal side of painting or sculpture but at all costs “uniqueness” is alien to me, it aims to the fact of being recognized (…) can you do anything without belief, experience, emotion? (…) The creator’s as well as the recipient’s emotion counts, it develops sensibility which is very important for the recipient in the aspect of art or nature. (…) In my opinion the artist which creates a masterpiece thinks about the recipient, he wants to show, bring closer the beauty, move, therefore it is important that the artist includes such a form in his masterpiece that can be suitable for the topic or the essence and not to deny – communicative. To be the slave of pure, abstract form, stone, calculating because it is the fashion of the day yet the truth in art intersect. To be somebody else tomorrow is a lack of courage, personal involvement, struggle with the reality – I tend to think that such art is not humanistic and beyond recognition.